Cnc horizontal lathe, cnc vertical lathe and cnc turning centre
operations C,Y,B axis and counter mirror capability

Cnc Turning Services

CNC Turning

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Features of our cnc lathes
Cnc Turning

Cnc Turning

Ø300mm x 500mm finish turning
X, Z
C(360°) axis
Counter mirror
Rod Driver
Cnc Vertical Turning

Cnc Vertical Turning

Ø740mm x 500mm finish turning
Ø1200mm x 500mm rough turning
X, Z axis
Cnc Turning Centre

Cnc Turning Centre

Ø550mm x 1000mm finish turning
Ø600mm x 1200mm finish turning
Y (+-55mm)
B (220 angle) axis
Counter mirror

CNC Turning and Turning Centre Services

In our CNC turning and turning centre services, we offer our customers the highest level of efficiency and precision by combining modern technology and innovative solutions. Our CNC vertical turning machines are characterised by their capacity to process large and heavy workpieces. Our bar feed systems automate material feeding in high-volume production, saving time and cost. The counter chuck feature allows machining from both ends of the workpiece, enabling more complex and precise operations. In addition, thanks to advanced axis movements such as the C-axis and Y-axis, we are able to produce parts with more complex geometries with high accuracy by performing multi-axis machining operations. These features guarantee high quality and customer satisfaction at every stage of the production process.

cnc turning

Why? We are

Since 1978, we have been manufacturing in Turkey and the world countries


Turning Operations
Turning operations can be performed up to Ø740 mm and length up to 1200 mm. 1200 mm. These operations are rough turning, length turning, vertical turning. turning, finishing turning, shape machining, sizing, cnc grinding, bar nutritious etc.

Turning Centre Operations
Our machines can process CNC lathe-milling processes in diameters. (30-620) mm and 1200mm in length. Our machine axes perform Many machining operations such as C axis, Y axis (+-55mm), B axis (220mm) angle), lower spindle machining.


Up to 65 HRC hardness value, we can cnc turning heat treated material

Glass programming

Hypermill and Edgecam programmes and 2, 3, 4, 4, 4+1 turning and milling programmes are applied with the latest updated versions.

Multi-axis turning

Multi-axis turning, such as B-axis machining, angle drilling, angle boring, angle boring, angle grooving

Precision turning in a single clamping

X,Y,Z,C,B,A axis cnc machines can finish the part in a single binding

Cnc vertical turning

CNC vertical turning finishing machining operations are performed up to Ø740mm.

Bar feeder

The required parts of the rod drive up to Ø60mm can be connected and serial production can be made.