In cnc machining centre operations, 3-axis and glass programming contract and mass production works can be done.

Cnc Milling Services

Cnc Services

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Features of our cnc milling machines
Cnc Milling

Cnc Milling

X 1000mm, Y 500mm, Z 500mm
X, Z, Y
Divider C(360°) axis
Vertical Wedge Opening
CAM Programming
Cnc Turning Centre

Cnc Turning Centre

Ø550mm x 1000mm finish turning
Ø600mm x 1200mm finish turning
Y (+-55mm)
B (220 angle) axis
Counter mirror

Why? We are

Since 1978, we have been manufacturing in Turkey and the world countries

What Can We Do in Processing?

Milling Operations
Milling operations can be performed up to X 1000mm, Y 500mm, Z 500mm. These operations are rough machining, finish machining, vertical wedge machining, hole drilling, threading, tapping, tapping, glass machining, 2.5 axis machining, 3 axis machining, keyway opening, chamfering, pool emptying, base machining, grinding, etc.

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Up to 65 HRC hardness value, we can cnc turning heat treated material

Glass programming

Hypermill and Edgecam programmes and 2, 3, 4, 4, 4+1 turning and milling programmes are applied with the latest updated versions.

Multi-axis machining

Multi-axis turning, such as B-axis machining, angle drilling, angle boring, angle boring, angle grooving

Precision milling in a single clamping

X,Y,Z,C,B,A axis cnc machines can finish the part in a single binding

Vertical wedge opening

Vertical wedging operations are performed in the hole


C-axis machining capability with divider