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Materials Used in CNC Machining and Hardness Values After Heat Treatment

As Doğa Makina, we provide CNC machining services in accordance with high precision and quality standards. We use various materials in our production process and we offer the most suitable solutions to our customers by paying attention to the hardness values obtained after heat treatment of each material. We produce the desired parts in accordance with all values such as materials and hardness coating specified in the technical drawings. Here are the materials we use most frequently in CNC machining and the properties of these materials:

Carburising Materials

Carburising is applied for surface hardening of low carbon steels. With this process, the surface of the steel remains hard and the interior remains softer, which increases the wear resistance of the material. Carburising materials include:

Nitration Materials

Nitriding is used to increase the surface hardness of materials. This process improves the wear and fatigue resistance of materials. Nitriding materials include:

Breeding Steels

Reclaimed steels are used in applications requiring high strength and toughness. The reclamation process improves the mechanical properties of the material. Among the breeding steels:

Stainless Steels

Stainless steels are materials with high corrosion resistance and are often used in corrosive environments. Stainless steels include:

Aluminium and Aluminium Alloys

Aluminium and its alloys are known for their light weight and high strength properties. These materials are often used in the automotive and aerospace industries. Aluminium alloys include:

centring pins
centring pin

Table of Materials and Hardness Values Specified in Technical Drawing

As Doğa Makina, we produce by taking into account all the materials and values such as hardness coating specified in the technical drawings. We ensure that every part we process on our CNC machines complies with customer requirements and technical specifications. With our quality control processes, we ensure that all products are manufactured in accordance with the standards.

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Material Group
DIN/AISI Standard
Heat Treatment
Hardness (HRC)
Substitute Materials
Carburising Materials16MnCr5DIN EN 10084Cementation58-625115
20MnCr5DIN EN 10084Cementation58-625120
8620AISI 8620Cementation58-6220NiCrMo2-2, 20CrMoH
28Mn6 (1330)DIN 1330Cementation58-62AISI 1330
Nitration Materials34CrAlNi7-10DIN EN 10085Nitration60-65
31CrMoV9DIN EN 10085Nitration60-65
34CrMo4 (4135)DIN EN 10083-3Nitration60-65AISI 4135
37Cr4 (5135)DIN EN 10083-3Nitration60-65AISI 5135
Breeding Steels42CrMo4 (4140)DIN EN 10083-3Reclamation28-32SCM440, 42CrMoS4
42CrMo4 (4140) (+QT)DIN EN 10083-3Breeding and Tempering40-44SCM440, 42CrMoS4
42CrMoS4 (4140)DIN EN 10083-3Reclamation28-32
42CrMoS4 (4140) (+QT)DIN EN 10083-3Breeding and Tempering40-44
41Cr4 (5140)DIN EN 10083-3Reclamation28-32AISI 5140, G41400
41Cr4 (5140) ModReclamation28-32
41CrS4 (5140)DIN EN 10083-3Reclamation28-32
50CrMo4 (4150)DIN EN 10083-3Reclamation28-32AISI 4150
55Cr3 (5155)DIN EN 10083-3Reclamation48-52AISI 5155
080A15 (1020)BS 970-1Soft Annealing18-22AISI 1020
080A42 (1045)BS 970-1Soft Annealing18-22AISI 1045
080M40 (1040)BS 970-1Soft Annealing18-22AISI 1040
100Cr6 (52100)DIN EN 10083-3Breeding and Tempering60-64AISI 52100
100CRMNSI6-41Breeding and Tempering60-64
5140 (41Cr4)DIN EN 10083-3Reclamation28-32AISI 5140
A615 Gr601ASTM A615Reclamation20-25
AISI 10081Reclamation28-32
AISI 1018 (C18)SAE/AISISoft Annealing18-22C18, CK15
AISI 1040 (C40)SAE/AISIReclamation28-32C40, CK40
AISI 1045 (C45)SAE/AISIReclamation28-32C45, CK45
ASTM A36 (1025)ASTM A36Soft Annealing18-22
C15 (1015)DIN EN 10083-2Soft Annealing18-22AISI 1015
Stainless SteelsX5CrNi18-10 (1.4301)DIN EN 10088-1Breeding (Not very hardening)20-30304
X2CrNiMo17-12-2 (1.4404)DIN EN 10088-1Breeding (Not very hardening)20-30316L
Cast IronsGJL-250DIN EN 1561Breeding (Low hardness)15-25ASTM A48
GJS-500-7DIN EN 1563Breeding (Low hardness)15-25ASTM A536
Aluminium and Aluminium AlloysEN AW-6061DIN EN 573-3Hardened (T6)95-100 HBAISI 6061
EN AW-7075DIN EN 573-3Hardened (T6)150-160 HBAISI 7075
Copper and Copper AlloysCuZn39Pb3 (CW614N)DIN EN 12164Hardened80-90 HB
CuSn12 (CC483K)DIN EN 1982Hardened100-110 HB
Engineering PlasticsPOM (Polyoxymethylene)DIN EN ISO 1043-1
PA (Polyamide)DIN EN ISO 1043-1
PEEK (Polyetheretherketone)DIN EN ISO 1043-1
Titanium and Titanium AlloysTi-6Al-4VASTM B348Breeding and Tempering36-40Gr. 5, UNS R56400



The materials used in CNC machining are of great importance for the success of the process and the quality of the product. As Doğa Makina, we produce in accordance with all the values specified in the technical drawings by using the most suitable materials. In this way, we offer high quality and long-lasting solutions to our customers.

By working with Doğa Makina, you can benefit from reliable and high quality CNC machining services. We produce the desired parts in accordance with all material and hardness values specified in the technical drawings and offer solutions with high quality standards. You can contact us for more information and offers.